When you want to know


Research, Locate,Recover, Examine, Report

Accident Investigation,

Aircraft Recovery,  

Forensic Engineering, 

Complexity Explained

Robert L. Swaim

Experienced Accident Investigator, Engineer, Teacher

Retired after more than three decades with the NTSB and a lifetime in aviation, investigating accidents around the world and making international connections. 

  • Investigator In Charge
  • Accredited Representative of the United States
  • National Resource, Aviation Systems Engineering and licensed mechanic
  • Conducted or have been part of major investigations on land and beneath the sea around the world
  • Avionics cyber-security and countless avionics investigations
  • The world leader in fuel tank explosion investigations (5)
  • Recognized expert in lithium ion batteries and the initial 787 battery investigator.
  • Experienced electric vehicle investigator
  • 30+ years of course development and instructing at NTSB Training Center
  • University guest lecturer in engineering forensics

Yet no one person is an expert at everything, so it's not just what you know, it's who you know.


In terms of increasing complexity, do you want:

   A quick explanation?

   Research? Figure out what/where something is?

   A one person job writing or reporting?


   A small group?

   To find and/or recover something?

       On land or the open ocean?

       On-site? In a laboratory or office?

   Coordination of a large group?

       In an international effort? 

Been there, Done that. 

I'm open to what is interesting and you want results. Let's find an airplane, solve a battery question, or examine a puzzle together.

Email:  swaim@HowItBroke.com

Tel:      301-359-1399