Past Work


Partial List of Investigations

1989, Baltimore MD, Beech 18, in-flight fire

1992, Atlantic Ocean, TWA Lockheed L-1011, in-flight fire

1992, LaGuardia NY, USAir Fokker F28, icing stall on takeoff

1994, Roselawn IN, ATR-72, in-flight icing

1995, Everglades FL, ValuJet DC-9, in-flight fire

1996, Atlantic Ocean, TWA Flight 800, Boeing 747, fuel tank

1998, Halifax NS, SwissAir flight 111, Douglas MD-11, in-flight fire

2001, Washington DC, 9/11 Pentagon, Boeing 757, terrorism

2001, Bangkok, Thailand, Thai Airways Boeing 737, fuel tank explosion

2002, Uberlingen Germany, Tu-154 / Boeing 757, midair collision

2002, Penghu Island, Taiwan, China Airlines Boeing 747, structural failure

2002, Dalian China, Douglas MD-80, in-flight arson

2005, Marathon Greece, Helios Boeing 737, hypoxia

2006, Bangalore India, Transmile 727, fuel tank explosion

2007, Doualla Cameroon, Kenya Airways Boeing 737, pilot error

2007, Lake Michigan WI, Cessna Citation, pilot error

2009, Amsterdam NL, Turkish Airlines 737, pilot error

2010, Aleknagic Alaska, DeHaviland DHC3T, pilot error

2013, Boston MA, Japan Airlines Boeing 787, Li-Ion battery fire 

2014, Ocean near Jamaica, TBM900, system failure and hypoxia

2016, Fort Lauderdale FL, FedEx MD-11 landing, structural failure

2016, Gaithersburg MD, Embraer Phenom 100, pilot error

2016, Dubai, Emirates Boeing 777, pilot error

2017, Lake Forest CA, Tesla Model X

2018, Gulf of Mexico, Cirrus SR22, hypoxia

2018, Mountain View CA, Tesla Model X

2018, Fort Lauderdale FL, Tesla Model S

2018, Guyana, Air Jamaica, Boeing 757

2019, Addis Ababa, Ethiopian, Boeing 737 MAX

2019, Hawaii, Beechcraft KingAir skydive

And many others, especially in avionics and general aviation cases


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